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Jaylor acquires MMI International

April 5, 2017

Orton, Ontario April 5, 2017 – Jake Tamminga, President of Jaylor, proudly announced that Jaylor has purchased controlling interest in MMI International Inc. (formerly Mohrlang). MMI was a leading manufacturer of 4 auger horizontal feed mixers, delivery boxes, and manure spreaders, primarily serving the feedlot industry in the USA.

“For decades we’ve been designing and manufacturing vertical auger mixers, and on most operations it is the best solution, but there are some commercial applications where the horizontal mixer has proven to be a better fit.” Mr. Tamminga further noted, “The proprietary quad auger design, takes advantage of modern hydrostatic smart controls while still being functionally simple and reliable.”

Jaylor will offer three truck mount models of the Horizontal Quad Auger TMR Mixers: H1650, H1850, and H1950 ranging in capacity from 650cu.ft. (18.4m3) to 950cu.ft. (26.9m3), available today. Simplicity is the keynote, as the entire range has been engineered to be simple yet robust, providing years of trouble free performance. The Hydrostatic Planetary Drive system provides quiet operation with soft-start and variable speed, allowing precise mixing and feed out speeds without revving the engine, while effectively eliminating harmful shock-loads. An intuitive joystick control activates all mixing and feeding functions, allowing operators to concentrate on feed placement without needing to look down at the controls. Improvements in the current industry-leading warranty, are also being offered.

Jaylor mixersRugged design and construction of the engineered mixer body, eliminates the need for a sub-frame, making it lighter and stronger. A simple discharge chute design eliminates the need for augers, chains and bearings, translating to lower maintenance. The innovative quad-auger design has been engineered to efficiently handle rations with a wide range of ingredients from wet brewers to high-forage diets. Through hundreds of mix studies, the design has been refined to consistently mix partial and full loads without the dead spots of conventional 4-auger mixers.

Throughout its 60-year history, MMI has gained a reputation of building simple and reliable products that last, possible in large part by understanding the needs of their customers. Dan Powers, former CEO of MMI International, comes from a feedlot background; being a former MMI customer he knows just what feedlot managers and owners are looking for in equipment. “MMI is widely known among feedlot managers for building rugged, reliable horizontal auger mixers that operate efficiently, and with long term service.” Mr. Powers added “these benefits and Jaylor’s long term stability and international marketing success, will provide assured reliability for all our customers.

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