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5350 Stationary Mixer
5425 Stationary Mixer
5750 Stationary Mixer
5850 Stationary Mixer
51000 Stationary Mixer
Capacity No Ext. 350ft3 | 9.9m3 450ft3 | 12.7m3 650ft3 | 18.4m3 800ft3 | 22.7m3 925ft3 | 26.2m3
Capacity 8″ Extension 380ft3 | 10.8m3 485ft3 | 13.7m3 700ft3 | 19.8m3 865ft3 | 24.5m3 990ft3 | 28.0m3
Capacity 12″ Extension 405ft3 | 11.5m3 515ft3 | 14.6m3 740ft3 | 21.0m3 910ft3 | 25.8m3 1045ft3 | 29.6m3
Capacity 16″ Extension 425ft3 | 12.0m3 540ft3 | 15.3m3 780ft3 | 22.1m3 960ft3 | 27.2m3 1095ft3 | 31.0m3
Weight 7300lbs | 3300kg 7500lbs | 3400kg 13000lbs | 5900kg 17600lbs | 8000kg 19800lbs | 9000kg
Height 103in | 262cm 108in | 274cm 112in | 284cm 108in | 274cm 117in | 297cm
Drum Length 138in | 351cm 154in | 391cm 236in | 600cm 255in | 648cm 265in | 673cm
Drum Width 91in | 231cm 97in | 246cm 91in | 231cm 97in | 246cm 102in | 259cm
PTO Speed 500 RPM 500 RPM 1000 RPM 1000 RPM 1000 RPM
Minimum HP Requirements 2x 10 HP 2x 10 HP 150 HP 200 HP 250 HP
Auger Mix Speed 18 RPM 18 RPM 41 RPM 41 RPM 41 RPM
Auger Cleanout Speed 26 RPM 26 RPM 41 RPM 41 RPM 41 RPM
Number of Knives 9 9 18 18 22
Auger Flighting Thickness 3/4in | 19mm 3/4in | 19mm 3/4in | 19mm 3/4in | 19mm 3/4in | 19mm
Discharge Height 60in | 152cm 60in | 152cm 68in | 173cm 68in | 173cm 68in | 173cm
Door Opening Width 42in | 107cm 42in | 107cm 42in | 107cm 42in | 107cm 42in | 107cm
Floor Thickness 5/8in | 16mm 5/8in | 16mm 3/4in | 19mm 3/4in | 19mm 3/4in | 19mm
Drum Wall Thickness 1/4in | 6mm 1/4in | 6mm 1/4in | 6mm 1/4in | 6mm 1/4in | 6mm

Jaylor stationary mixers are ideal for optimized cycle times on large operations, where feed storage is centralized and adequate electrical power is available. Low horsepower requirements of Jaylor’s patented Square-Cut auger translate to additional run-cost savings while retaining the ability to process forage and deliver a uniform ration that resists sorting.

Even though our stationary mixers are most often used for cattle feeding, they are also an ideal solution for composting materials, municipal waste management, digester feeding systems.

Following the purchase of our Jaylor 5425 mixer, cows have increased the rate of fat production, and they are much healthier. As a result, calving is more successful and previous challenges are virtually absent.    – Guillaume Laroche, Rochela Ferme 

Jaylor’s lineup of feed management systems allows for exemplary control of recipe formulation (based on daily DMI for each pen or batch), monitoring operator loading efficiency, and automatic feeding applications. All Jaylor stationary mixers are easy to install and are built to give owners years of trouble-free service.

Customers who have traditional tie-stalls and smaller farms will particularly enjoy the 5350 Stationary Mixer, powered by two 10HP single-phase electric motors. Jaylor’s Stationary Mixers have the same industry-leading capability for efficiently processing baled forage into uniform rations that resist sorting. All mixers come standard with patented square-cut augers and the full range of innovations and warranties.

Let’s discuss the total cost of ownership savings a stationary mixer could bring to your operation.