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H1950 Auger Mixer

H1950 Auger Mixer


950ft³ | 26.9m³
Ration Capacity
28000lbs | 12700kg
Box Weight
22000lbs | 10000kg
Box Height
88in | 224cm
Box Length
233in | 592cm
Box Width
102in | 259cm
Overall Height On Typical Truck
133in | 338cm
Overall Length On Typical Truck
320in | 813cm
Overall Width On Typical Truck
102in | 259cm
Recommended Truck Engine
360 HP
Variable Auger Speed
4-26 RPM
Auger Drive System
Number Of Optional Knives
Top Auger Thickness
1/2in | 12.7mm
Lower Auger Thickness
5/8in | 16mm
Discharge Height On Typical Truck
52in | 132cm
Door Opening Width
48in | 122cm
Floor Thickness
1/4in | 6mm
Drum Wall Thickness
1/4in | 6mm
Rear Axle Requirement
44000lbs | 20000kg
Front Axle Requirement
14000lbs | 6400kg


Industry Leading

The Jaylor MMI mixer does a phenomenal job of handling wet distillers grains along with both high roughage rations and high energy corn rations.

Scott Schiff
Schiff Farms Inc.

Ideal for large scale operations, the H1950 Quad Auger TMR Mixer was designed with cattlemen in mind. This patented Horizontal Mixer with optional Ribbon Augers allow unprecedented large flake integrity resulting from reduced pressure from the auger while providing consistent mix quality of a wide variety of rations and higher effective fiber yields due to less feed compression within the mixing process. Our OrbitEvo Intelligent Controller and 5 button joystick allows for precise, 1 handed control of the mixer. With everything at your fingertips there is a short learning curve, with the added bonus of saving up to 1 gal of fuel per hour. This, along with the 10-20% capacity increase (by weight) from our New Ribbon Augers, your operation can quickly realize ROI.

Standard Features

Mix by Auger Design
Hydrostatic Pump
Hydrostatic Planetary Drive
Single Joystick Control
Hydraulic Reservoir
Heavy Duty Construction
Oil-resistant Door Seals
Gravity Discharge Chute
High Capacity Door
Central Grease Ports
Adjustable Chute Control
Remote Display & LED Lights
Smart Control System
Oil Bath Auger Drive
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OrbitEvo 6520 Intelligent Controller
Digital Display Console
Advanced Joystick Control
Heavy Duty Construction
Simple Gravity Discharge Chute with Magnet
Planetary Drive System
Durable 30,000lbs Load Cells
Rear Bumper with Lights
Hydrostatic Pump with Flange
Slim Hydraulic Reservoir


New Ribbon Augers Horizontal Quad Ribbon Auger

Jaylor H1950: Quad Auger Horizontal TMR Mixer Demo

Schiff Farms of Nebraska: Jaylor H1950 Quad Auger TMR Truck Mounts