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M1480 Commercial Manure Spreader

M1480 Commercial Manure Spreader


Struck Capacity
480ft³ | 13.6m³
Heaped Capacity
710ft³ | 20.1m³
Overall Height
130in | 330cm
Overall Length
380in | 965cm
Overall Width
120in | 305cm
Inside Body Height
50in | 127cm
Inside Body Length
240in | 610cm
Inside Body Width
60in | 152cm
Loading Height
100in | 254cm
Pto Speed
1000 RPM
Beater Speed
405 RPM
Recommended Tractor Class
120-200 HP
Floor Thickness
1/4in | 6mm
Side Wall Thickness
3/16in | 4.8mm
Standard Tires
445/65 R22.5 Radial
Recommended Tires
700/40 22.5 BIAS
Standard Wheel Assembly
Dual Sprung Axles


Industry Leading

The Jaylor MMI mixer does a phenomenal job of handling wet distillers grains along with both high roughage rations and high energy corn rations.

Scott Schiff
Schiff Farms Inc.

We have a Jaylor 5575, and it's our second piece of Jaylor equipment. We've only had to do regular maintenance on the machine, which makes using the mixer simple and convenient.

Richard Dean
Ash Grove, Missouri

The Jaylor M1480 Manure Spreader is simple and built rugged, giving operators the ability to apply up to 50′ (15m) of spread from 4-15 Tons/Acre. Our M1480 Manure Spreader has a 480ft struck capacity and a 710ft3 heaped capacity, allowing operators to spread applications efficiently and for longer periods.

The build quality of our products is never compromised. All of our materials are purchased with our customers in mind. We only buy materials of genuine quality and sourced through relationship-driven business. Each step, decision and weld are made with our customers and operators in mind, ensuring a machine that’s used through generations to come.

The M1480 manure wagon has a 1000 RPM PTO speed and a 405 RPM beater speed, which helps with the distance, consistency, and overall spread volume. Six paddles on the beater base allow the M1480 to achieve a fine spread of fibrous and liquid material, giving operators a wide, consistent and optimized application.

“Our Jaylor Manure Spreader is easy on horsepower and retains a lot of moisture. It’s built for rugged terrain and it’s stood the test of time. We’re thrilled with the performane.

– Rob Sutton, Sutton Farm, Napanee Ontario, Canada

After seeing the Jaylor M1480 Manure Spreader in action, you’ll see firsthand why we say “Because Simplicity Matters.”

Standard Features of M1480 Manure Spreader

Central Grease: The M1480 spreader comes with a standard central grease system across all models. These three central grease locations throughout the machine, and enable for ease and a reliable greasing process and cutting out additional maintenance.

Modular Drive Shaft: The module driveline of the M1480 is made up of three PTO’s and two drive shafts. This robust design allows for more resistance to bending and twisting even in the most extreme spreading conditions. The modular driveshaft is also easier to install and service.

Plastic Floor: This unique material reduced wear on the floor of the machine, as well as corrosion.  All models of the M1480 manure spreader come with a plastic floor feature. The plastic floor also decreases the power consumption by lowering the friction caused by the M1480.

Adjustable Hanging Rear End: This allows the operator to easily mount the machine at different rights, allowing them to adjust the spread pattern. The adjustable hanging rear end is easy to remove for maintenance and can be removed for hauling hay or silage.

Gear Boxes: The gearbox of the M1670 comes with helical gears, which contribute towards better wear resistance and power transfer. (RT 1000 Image)

Braked Tandem and Spring Axels: All models come standard with braked tandem or dual sprung axles. This allows for a smoother ride during applications and better performance on tough terrain.

Optional Features

Plastic Wall Liner: Much like the plastic floor, the optional plastic wall liner will reduce wear and tear on the walls of the spreader from constant abrasion and corrosion. Operators who choose this option will enjoy a further reduction of friction within the bed, reducing power consumption on the gearboxes.

Plastic Beater Tray: Jaylor also offers a plastic beater option for your new M1480. This allows for less wear and tear and further reducing of friction against important machine parts. A plastic beater will also help reduce wear on the beater paddles by eliminating solid buildup in the tray.

Slide Kit: The optional side axle kit allows for the operator to adjust the position of the axle, allowing the tongue to change weight as the load shifts during operation. This allows the operator to maintain desired tongue weight ratio and alter their turn radius on the fly.

Canopy: The optional canopy for the M1480 helps with the improved spreading of fine materials such as chicken manure and compost.

Light Covers: Hydraulic light covers will open and close automatically, depending on whether the guillotine gate is opened or closed. Light covers also help protect against damage and improved safety by ensuring they remain visible for road travel.

Tire Options: The M1480 comes with multiple tire options to fit your needs. Enjoy options for larger floatation tires for better traction and reduced soil compaction. Operators won’t need to wait for the ground to fully dry up before spreading; larger floatation tires also allow for earlier spreading each spring.

Standard Features

HD RT1000 Floor Chain Drive
HD Spring-loaded Tongue
Rear Beater Assembly Unhooked
Rear Beater Assembly Hooked


Hydraulic Brakes
Wood Protection Rails
Spring Suspension Tongue
Protected LED Road Lights
Spring Suspension Tongue
7 Position Adjustable Axle
Safety Chains
Manual Implement Jack
Hydraulic Slide Axle (Optional)
Overrun Clutch Gearbox Protection
High-Speed Cambered Commercial Axles
Large Viewing Window
LED Road Lights
Single Floor Chain Drive Gearbox
Rugged Uni-body Design
Grade 100 Floor Chain w/ One Piece Slat
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