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5600 TMR Twin Auger
5650 TMR Twin Auger
5750 TMR Twin Auger
5850 TMR Twin Auger
Capacity No Extension615ft3 | 17.4m3³650ft³ | 18.4m³N/A800ft³ | 22.7m³
Capacity 8" Extension675ft³ | 19.1m³700ft³ | 19.8m³N/A865ft³ | 24.5m³
Capacity 12" Extension720ft³ | 20.4m³740ft³ | 21.0m³740ft³ | 21.0m³910ft³ | 25.8m³
Capacity 16" Extension765ft³ | 21.7m³780ft³ | 22.1m³780ft³ | 22.1m³960ft³ | 27.2m³
Weight12900lbs | 5900kg12700lbs | 5800kg13000lbs | 5900kg13500lbs | 6100kg
Height93in | 236cm102in | 259cm112in | 284cm108in | 274cm
Length303in | 770cm290in | 737cm290in | 737cm308in | 782cm
Drum Width97in | 246cm91in | 231cm91in | 231cm97in | 246cm
Pto Speed540 RPM540 RPM1000 RPM1000 RPM
Minimum Hp105 HP105 HP115 HP125 HP
Auger Speed41 RPM41 RPM38 RPM38 RPM
Number Of Knives16181818
Auger Flighting Thickness5/8in | 16mm5/8in | 16mm5/8in | 16mm5/8in | 16mm
Max Discharge Height60in | 152cm60in | 152cm60in | 152cm60in | 152cm
Conveyor Width36in | 91cm36in | 91cm36in | 91cm36in | 91cm
Door Opening Width42in | 107cm42in | 107cm42in | 107cm42in | 107cm
Floor Thickness5/8in | 16mm5/8in | 16mm5/8in | 16mm5/8in | 16mm
Drum Wall Thickness1/4in | 6mm1/4in | 6mm1/4in | 6mm1/4in | 6mm
Standard Tires12.5L-15FI LR ‘F’ (4)12.5L-15FI LR ‘F’ (4)15.0/55-17 26 PLY (4)15.0/55-17 26 PLY (4)
Wheel AssemblyDual OscillatingDual OscillatingDual OscillatingDual Oscillating
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Jaylor 5000 Series Twin Auger TMR mixers are available in a wide range of configurations from 615 to 960 cubic feet (ft3). These machines specialize in feeding larger dairy and cow-calf operations, along with feedlots ranging in size from as little as a hundred head, up to thousands of head. Each one is an industry leader in its class, processing round or square baled hay and baleage into uniform rations. Jaylor’s patented square augers create a unique TMR, disrupting the cattle’s natural feeding tendencies of sorting their ration. Giving you true control of what your cattle eat.

All of our Twin Auger Mixers are ideal for mixing pre-processed silage and grain rations. This includes high-grain finishing rations, achieving a fully uniform mix in as little as 3 to 5 minutes.

The “Low Profile” 5600 is capable of being used with skid-steer loaders, where loading heights are limited. All these mixers come standard with patented square-cut Jaylor augers and a full range of innovations, warranties, and options to create your tailored feeding solution.

  • 3 Point Weight System
  • Rapid Discharge Door
  • Galvanized Discharge Conveyor
  • Sloped Top Square Cut Augers
  • Tungsten Carbide Coated Knives
  • Welded Mixing Chamber
  • Structurally Reinforced Frame
  • Shear Bolt Protection
  • Mixer Viewing Window
  • Restrictor Blades (2)
  • Adjustable Cast Hitch
  • Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox
  • Patented Open Loop Oil Reservoir
  • Central Greasing Bank
  • Shaker Box

We have a Jaylor 5575, and it’s our second piece of Jaylor equipment. We’ve only had to do regular maintenance on the machine, which makes using the mixer simple and convenient. – Ash Grove, Missouri


What made me buy a Jaylor mixer was that it was reliable and built solid. I love the cut length of the mix, the consistency and the increase of our cattle’s dry matter consumption. They love the mix. – Ferme Champsélisé


I decided to go with a vertical mixer after I was tired with the mess of traditional mixers. We weighted the calves after the first year with the Jaylor 4650, and they came in about 6/10ths of a pound better than any other year. – Napoleon North Dakota


I see a well-blended mix with the Jaylor. It’s evenly distributed, cuts uniformed grass lengths, and has excellent maneuverability. Our Jaylor keeps up with the demand of farming wetland and puts up with the number of miles we put it through. – Triple Son Farms


We have a 2500 head dairy herd, milking about 2100 head, while running 7 Jaylor mixers on all of our TMR work, milk cows and heifers, replacements, and some steers. – Robey Farms


We used to have to bring in dry hay to feed our cattle, but our Jaylor 5850 allows us to mix our own bales without loss or mess. As a result, the production of butterfat increased from 33%-37% after our first year! – East Cardson Colony