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5750HD TMR Twin Auger

Vertical - TMR Mixers

5750HD TMR Twin Auger


Capacity 12" Extension
740ft³ | 21.0m³
Capacity 16" Extension
780ft³ | 22.1m³
15500lbs | 7000kg
120in | 305cm
290in | 737cm
Drum Width
91in | 231cm
Pto Speed
1000 RPM
Minimum Hp
125 HP
Auger Speed
38 RPM
Number Of Knives
Auger Flighting Thickness
3/4in | 19mm
Max Discharge Height
66in | 168cm*
Conveyor Width
36in | 91cm
Door Opening Width
42in | 107cm
Floor Thickness
3/4in | 19mm
Drum Wall Thickness
1/4in | 6mm
Standard Tires
435/50R19.5 (4)
Wheel Assembly
Walking Beam
  • * with optional 72" conveyor


Industry Leading

Our Jaylor 5850 Mixer is the fifth Jaylor Mixer we’ve owned. We like to keep current with the latest technology, and the consistent mix and feed from the machine keep us coming back. Choosing anything else would be a step backward for us.

Peter Armstrong
Armstrong Manor Farm

Following the purchase of our Jaylor 5425 mixer, cows have increased the rate of fat production, and they are much healthier. As a result, calving is more successful and previous challenges are virtually absent.

Guillaume Laroche
Rochela Ferme

Built for some seriously heavy loads this model incorporates our heavy duty undercarriage and the ever-popular 5750 mixer size. Along with tire options there’s no ration out there this beast of a mixer can’t carry. Mixes up to 2, 5×6 or 3, 4×5 round bales per load (3,550 lbs/1,610 kg of hay equivalent). Jaylor HD twin-auger mixers are designed to carry heavier loads and operate over rougher terrain than standard twin-auger mixers. Recommended to feed 150 head of dairy cattle, or 185 beef cows 740 adult sheep/goats per load per day, depending on ration composition.

Standard Features

Square Cut Auger with Sloped Top
Slide Plate Technology
Tungsten Carbide Coated Knives
Welded Mixing Chamber
Shaker Box
Mixer Level
Mix Viewing Window
2 Restrictor Blades
Rapid Discharge Door
Galvanized Discharge Conveyor
Heavy Duty Hubs
Heavy Duty Walking Beam Axle
Ladder and Platform
5 Point Weigh System
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack
Planetary Gearbox
Easy View Oil Reservoir
Shear Bolt Protection
Central Greasing Bank
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Optional Features

Angling Blade Auger
Alexander Knives
Vertical Knives
Hay Ring
16″ Plastic Extension Upgrade
Rear Door
Corner Door
Center Side Door
3′ Conveyor
Door Chute
Discharge Conveyor, Left or Right
Dual Discharge Flat Conveyor
Flip-Up Conveyor
8’ 6” Telescopic Conveyor
Discharge Magnet
Rubber Flap
Dual Conveyor Boot
Hydraulic Brakes
Pneumatic Brake
Road Light
Battery Mount
Safety Chains
#8 Constant Velocity PTO
2 Speed Transmission
Remote Transmission Shifter
STAD 04 PLUS² Indicator Upgrade
WIN SCALE² Indicator Upgrade
TOP SCALE IC Indicator Upgrade
Cab Remote Display
Weight Repeater Remote Display
Alphanumeric Remote Display
Dina-Tel 2 for Full display
Wi-Net Modem
P2P Major Functions Remote
Mixer Control by Office PC
Software For Mixer & Feeding Management
Motor Controller Automate Mixer Operation
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Sloped top Square-Cut Auger
5-Point Weigh system with DG500 Indicator
Heavy Duty Axles, Hubs and Bearings
Planetary Gearbox
Heavy Duty Adjustable Cast Hitch
Central Greasing Bank
Shear Bolt Protection
Shake box for Mix Testing
Structurally Reinforced Frame
HD Tandem Axle walking Beam


Jaylor: Welcome to TMR Mixer Feeding

Robey Farms: 2500 Head Dairy in KY running 7 Jaylor TMR Mixers