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Customer Support

Jaylor has a reputation for building the most durable and reliable mixer in the industry. We are constantly reviewing and updating the design of our mixers, and the quality and performance of optional components.

Jaylor expends a great deal of time and financial resources toward Research and Development resulting in high-quality, technically advanced products for the agricultural market. We believe in the quality of our TMR mixers and offer exceptional warranties. Jaylor has always maintained a high degree of service, in all we do.

For emergencies, we also have an on-call team supporting your after-hours calls for situations where cattle cannot feed. Our full parts inventory is here for you, when you need it. The service team is available by phone (800.800.8224) and email: to answer your technical questions, find replacement parts for your Jaylor, and troubleshoot.

Orders are responded to and often shipped in 24 hours or less via courier, and we try to never have less than a 98% fill rate on current production items. Jaylor dealers always have a full complement of replacement parts that are subjected to regular wear. These consist of knives, conveyor components, chains, sprockets, and bearings, reducing your downtime to a minimum.

For further expediency, we’ve added a warehouse in Chicago reducing the time and expense of cross-border shipments. Critical components can, if need be, at the airport for next flight service in as little as 32 minutes. Jaylor, and our team of dealers are ready to serve you.

We know that customer support is just as important as building high-performance products.

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