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M1480 Commercial Manure Spreader
M1670 Commercial Manure Spreader
M1600 HD Commercial Manure Spreader
M1780 HD Commercial Manure Spreader
Struck Capacity480ft³ | 13.6m³670ft³ | 19.0m³600ft³ | 17.0m³780ft³ | 22.1m³
Heaped Capacity710ft³ | 20.1m³930ft³ | 26.3m³1000ft³ | 28.3m³1150ft³ | 32.6m³
Overall Height130in | 330cm130in | 330cm140in | 356cm140in | 356cm
Overall Length380in | 965cm380in | 965cm375in | 953cm375in | 953cm
Overall Width120in | 305cm120in | 305cm138in | 351cm138in | 351cm
Inside Body Height50in | 127cm65in | 165cm50in | 127cm65in | 165cm
Inside Body Length240in | 610cm240in | 610cm240in | 610cm240in | 610cm
Inside Body Width60in | 152cm60in | 152cm78in | 198cm78in | 198cm
Loading Height100in | 254cm115in | 292cm111in | 282cm126in | 320cm
Pto Speed1000 RPM1000 RPM1000 RPM1000 RPM
Beater Speed405 RPM405 RPM405 RPM405 RPM
Recommended Tractor Class120-200 HP150-250 HP150-250 HP200-340 HP
Floor Thickness1/4in | 6mm1/4in | 6mm1/4in | 6mm1/4in | 6mm
Side Wall Thickness3/16in | 4.8mm3/16in | 4.8mm3/16in | 4.8mm3/16in | 4.8mm
Standard Tires445/65 R22.5 Radial445/65 R22.5 Radial445/65 R22.5 Radial445/65 R22.5 Radial
Recommended Tires700/40 22.5 BIAS800/45 26.5 BIAS800/45 26.5 BIAS800/45 26.5 BIAS
Standard Wheel AssemblyDual Sprung AxlesDual Sprung AxlesTandem Walking BeamTandem Walking Beam
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Jaylor’s commercial manure spreaders are engineered to be simple and robust, providing years of trouble free performance. Cambered commercial-grade highway axles and brakes are standard equipment. The optional hydraulic slide axle allows for operation in the muddiest conditions, as dynamic load balancing provides on-the-fly tongue weight ratio adjustments from 0.5%-10%.

The quick-attach vertical beaters and hydraulic guillotine door, provide a full 40’ of consistent spread both from front to back of the load and across the width of the spread. Paired with our optional rear canopy, material can be precisely applied over 50’ and from 4-15 Tons/Acre. The beaters are held by reinforced 2-1/4” bearings which withstand the abuse from large stones and frozen chunks. Six paddles on the beater base, allow for a fine spread of fibrous and liquid material. Once you see Jaylor’s simple manure spreader, you’ll understand why we say: “Because Simplicity Matters”.

  • Plastic Beater Tray – Helps reduce power consumption and wear on the paddles by reducing the build-up of manure.
  • Plastic Floor – Optional plastic floor helps prevent manure from sticking to the floor leading to a longer lifespan and reduces power consumption.
  • Central Grease Points – All bearings can be greased from 2 central locations for quick and simple maintenance.
  • Low-Maintenance Gearboxes – Floor chains and beaters are driven by high-quality gearboxes.
  • Adjustable Beater Height – Raise or Lower the beaters to fine-tune the spread pattern to suit your needs.
  • Spring Tongue Suspension: Creates a smooth ride for all-day operator comfort. The Spring Tongue suspension system is a two-stage design and provides excellent ground clearance for uneven ground and rough conditions.
  • Hydraulic Light Covers: Hydraulic light covers allow for automatic covering and uncovering of tail lights while the guillotine gate is opened or closed. Stay protected and seen on the road.
  • Hydraulic Slide Axle: Enjoy on-the-go adjustments while having a fully loaded bed while maintaining a consistent hitch weight.

Our Jaylor manure spreader is easy on horsepower and retains a lot of moisture. It’s built for rugged terrain, and it’s stood the test of time. We’re thrilled with the performance.   – Rob Sutton, Sutton Farm