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It is often said that the introduction of the TMR (Total Mixed Ration) mixer has played a pivotal role in improving animal performance, and at the same decreasing feed cost. Yet little authoritative information has been written, nor public research conducted, regarding this important tool for cattle feeding since its inception more than 40 years ago. Here you’ll find information regarding how TMR mixers function, how to optimize the TMR and mixer operation on your farm, TMR mixer tips, industry developments, and other related items.

Vertical TMR mixer lowers beef cow feed cost for cow-calf operations

May 27, 2023
Let’s explore the benefits of vertical TMR (Total Mixed Ration) mixers for feeding beef cows during different stages of the production cycle.
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When facing a forage shortage, feeding strategies and a TMR Mixer can help

April 17, 2023
A few years ago the combination of unusually warm and dry conditions in the summer left areas of the Northern Plains in the US and Canadian Prairie with reduced and more costly forage supplies.  In some cases, this will made feeding the beef herd more challenging and expensive during the winter.
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Increasing Cow-Calf Profits with TMR

October 27, 2021
Traditional methods of feeding hay in a round bale feeder can lead to wastage of up to 30% through selection and trampling. Conservative estimates of switching to a TMR put feed savings at 10-15%.
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Mini Mixer Series

October 29, 2020
Jaylor’s Mini Mixer series provides the opportunity to deliver the benefits of feeding TMR to specialty groups such as recently weaned calves, dry cows and fresh cows on your farm. You already do a great job feeding a TMR to your lactating cows, but your regular TMR mixer is generally too large to create suitably [...]
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