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October 29, 2020

Because Nutrition Matters

Jaylor mixersWe’ve launched Because Nutrition Matters to deliver improved nutritional output for producers by connecting the three fundamentals of healthy nutritious mix: the best mixer, the correct ration, and professional nutritional advice. We are changing the conversation and focusing on how technology, used in conjunction with nutritional advice, creates the best mix possible. With a reputation for high quality mixers, we are now looking to shift customer focus from the technical specifications of TMR mixers and show you how those specifications lead to greater herd nutrition, and therefore healthier profits. A great example of how Jaylor’s unique patented design features achieves this are our Sloped Top Square Cut Auger and Alexander Knives, which create an efficient clean cut without bruising the mix and destroying some of the nutritional content of the feed.

You, the producer, already work closely with nutritionists familiar with the needs of your individual herd. Jaylor nutritionists work closely with our engineering team so that each mixer’s design features results in optimal nutritional output. We’d like to combine our teams and make the best mix possible, together. In order to create better dialogue between producers, their nutritionists, and The Jaylor Nutrition Team, we’re introducing The Nutrition Herd Partnership. Because we believe sharing tips and exchanging ideas is the ideal way to get real nutrition solutions.

Jaylor welcomes nutritionist Janet D. Kleinschmidt B.Sc. (AGR), M.Sc. to our nutrition team. Janet brings with her 30 years of experience as a leading global animal nutritionist. She has taught dairy nutrition and herd management programs, and has consulted dairy herd producers in Canada, the USA, and Europe. We’ve produced a video series where you may watch Janet share her nutrition tips and advice on how to best optimize Jaylor mixer’s nutritional output. Our newly redesigned website invites all producers to watch the new nutrition video series on Jaylor TV, read Nutrition News, find upcoming nutrition events, and get solutions with real-time streaming dialogue on Twitter and Facebook.

As part of our campaign launch we’re offering, for a limited time, a free shaker box and one-on-one consultation with a Jaylor nutritionist with every new Jaylor mixer purchase. We invite you all to join our Nutrition Herd Partnership. We need to engage and exchange ideas with producers and nutritionists alike Because Nutrition Matters.

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Dr. Alan Vaage
Dr. Alan Vaage is a Ruminant Nutritionist with over 30 years of experience in the beef industry, and currently provides technical support for Jaylor. Dr. Vaage can be contacted by email: