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5150 Trailer

Mini TMR Mixers

5150 Trailer


Capacity No Extension
155ft³ | 4.4m³
Capacity 12" Extension
200ft³ | 5.7m³
4300lbs | 1950kg
86in | 2.2m*
140in | 3.6m
Drum Width
76.5in | 1.9m
Pto Speed
540 RPM
Minimum Hp
35 HP
Auger Speed
41 RPM
Number Of Knives
Auger Flighting Thickness
1/2in | 13mm
Max Discharge Height
35in | 88.9cm
Door Opening Width
25in | 63.5cm
Floor Thickness
1/2in | 13mm
Drum Wall Thickness
1/4in | 6mm
Standard Tires
10.0/75 – 15.3 18 PLY (2)
Wheel Assembly
Single Straight Axle
Scale System
  • * lifting lugs protrude an additional 1.5in | 3.8cm above


Industry Leading

With our Jaylor Feed Cart Mixer, I like how I know what I'm feeding with the scale. Before, it was a guessing game. Now, I get a consistent mix and measurements.

David deKleer
deKleer Farm

Our Jaylor does a better job of consistently mixing our combination of hay, corn silage and wet distillers than any other mixer. We love it. It does a fabulous job.

Brandt Willer
Willer & Ekern Farms

Your 35 HP (PTO) tractor will run this 5150 Trailer mini TMR mixer! Capable of making a true TMR blending baled forage, silage, and additives into a mix that resists sorting. Capable of processing and mixing a smaller (600 lbs/275kg of hay equivalent) 4×4 round bale per load, or the equivalent portion of a larger bale. Simple and reliable driveline with planetary gearbox driving the auger, and a door on the left, right, or both.

Standard Features

Patented Square Auger
Mix Viewing Window
Planetary Gearbox
Welded Mixing Chamber
3 Point Weigh System
Heavy Duty Adjustable Cast Hitch
#6 PTO 6 Spline
Restrictor Blades
18 PLY Tires

Optional Features

Plastic Extension
Safety Chains
STAD 04 PLUS² Indicator Upgrade
WIN SCALE² Indicator Upgrade
TOP SCALE IC Indicator Upgrade
Cab Remote Display
Weight Repeater Remote Display
Alphanumeric Remote Display
Dina-Tel 2 for Full display
Wi-Net Modem
P2P Major Functions Remote
Software For Mixer & Feeding Management
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Sloped top Square-Cut Auger
Planetary Gearbox
3-Point Weigh System with DG500 Indicator
Fully Welded Mixing Chamber
Structurally Reinforced Frame
Mix Viewing Window
Tungsten Carbide Coated Knives
Central Grease Bank
Heavy Duty Adjustable Cast Hitch
Heavy Duty Single Straight Axle


Jaylor 5150 TMR Mixer Dairy Ration Demo

Cow/Calf Operation Willer & Ekern Farms: Jaylor 5425 TMR Mixer