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5050 Truck Mount

Mini TMR Mixers

5050 Truck Mount


Capacity No Extension
50ft³ | 1.42m³
1000lbs | 455kg
68in | 1.73m
49in | 1.25m
83in | 2.11m
Number Of Knives
Drum Material
Drum Thickness
0.43in | 10.9mm
Door Width
18in | 45.7cm
Door Height
22in | 55.9cm
Discharge Height
12in | 30.5cm
Galvanized Steel
Standard Drive
13 HP Honda Gas Engine
Starting System
Electric 12VDC
Scale System


Industry Leading

Our Jaylor does a better job of consistently mixing our combination of hay, corn silage and wet distillers than any other mixer. We love it. It does a fabulous job.

Brandt Willer
Willer & Ekern Farms

With our Jaylor Feed Cart Mixer, I like how I know what I'm feeding with the scale. Before, it was a guessing game. Now, I get a consistent mix and measurements.

David deKleer
deKleer Farm

The 5050 Truckmount is designed to process small hay bales, forages, and other ingredients; then cut and mix a consistent, nutritious TMR. The small TMR Mixer is perfect to strap the deck of a pickup and deliver supplemental feed out in the pasture. The simple remote control lets the driver operate the door (up/down) and auger (on/off) from the cab.

Build and Price

Standard Features

Patented Square Cut Auger
Hydraulic Door
Stad 02 Scale Indicator
Steel-Reinforced Floor
Easy Load, Open Topped Drum
Honda Engine Option 1
Remote Control
Electric Operated Door
Hydrostatic Pump


Honda 13HP Gas Engine with Electric Start
Easily Installed on a Flatbed Pickup
Hydraulic Door with Discharge Chute
4-Point Stad 02 Weigh System Standard
Wired Remote Control for Auger & Door
Galvanized Steel Frame for Longevity
Polyethylene Drum with Steel Reinforced Floor
Underframe Tie-Down Mounting Brackets
Sloped top Square-Cut Auger
Stainless-steel Angling Blades


Jaylor 5050 Mini TMR Mixer: De Kleer Family Sheep Farm Prepares a Consistent Ration

Jaylor: Skid Steer Mini TMR Mixer Demo