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Mini Mixer Series

October 29, 2020

Jaylor mixersJaylor’s Mini Mixer series provides the opportunity to deliver the benefits of feeding TMR to specialty groups such as recently weaned calves, dry cows and fresh cows on your farm. You already do a great job feeding a TMR to your lactating cows, but your regular TMR mixer is generally too large to create suitably mixed rations for your specialty groups. That’s why Jaylor developed the Mini Mixer series. In either 50 or 100 cubic feet, the mini mixer is the perfect size to quickly and efficiently create smaller batches of nutritious TMR. Now you can experience the improved health and productivity when all your animals receive the benefits of TMR feeding.

Want to see our mini mixer in action? Watch as Dr. Alan S. Vaage discusses the benefits of Feeding TMR to dry cows and small groups. Click here for the mini mixer’s demo video, and then call your closest Jaylor Dealer to request your own Demo on your farm.

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Dr. Alan Vaage
Dr. Alan Vaage is a Ruminant Nutritionist with over 30 years of experience in the beef industry, and currently provides technical support for Jaylor. Dr. Vaage can be contacted by email: