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Found! Our Bull Returns Home

October 30, 2020

Orton, Ontario – We are delighted to announce that our Jaylor Bull has finally returned home safely. While a bit shaken from the ordeal, we are happy to report that after being examined, he is in good health and is now happily settling back in with the herd.

“We’d like to thank everyone that helped get the word out about our missing Jaylor Bull. We would never have found him without all the support.” says Jake Tamminga, Jaylor President and Founder.

Once the news of the disappearance broke, word spread quickly, particularly throughout social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Soon tips came pouring in and after following up on various leads, the Jaylor Bull was found and his safe return home successfully negotiated.

This story has a happy ending. It was a case of people meeting the Jaylor Bull at World Dairy Expo and getting carried away with excitement, they literally just carried him home with them. Thanks to all our supporters sharing our story, these individuals soon realized just how much our Jaylor Bull means to us and they were happy to send him home safely.

Stay tuned for more of our Jaylor Bull’s happy ending when he thanks his rescuers and awards the reward prize money.

To read updates on the story please visit the below social media websites:
Facebook and Twitter