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News & Events

News and Events

Join us at these Trade Shows and Events through-out the year! At this time, we’d recommend scheduling a personalized demonstration with your local dealer as most events and trade shows globally are regularly being cancelled or rescheduled. If you would like to book a virtual demo drop us a line and we’ll set it up with your local dealer.

World Dairy Expo

The World Dairy Expo serves as a forum for dairy producers to come together to compete and to exchange ideas, knowledge, technology and commerce. Stop by the Jaylor booth across the Globe and find out why Nutrition Matters.

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Why do Jaylor TMR’s take less power to operate?

October 29, 2020
Vertical TMR mixers primarily utilize gravity to mix ingredients by gathering them into the base of the auger, elevating them to the top of the mass in the tub, and then causing them to mix as they tumble outward and down between the auger and the walls of the tub, and subsequently return back to [...]
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Vertical TMR mixers can improve beef cow-calf performance

October 28, 2020
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Are there concerns or limits for adding liquids to a TMR mixer?

October 28, 2020
When this column started, we encouraged our readers to forward their comments, questions and suggestions for topics.  We thank-you for the communications received to date, to which we reply directly. We will occasionally share an expanded response that was inspired by a noteworthy question.
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Let the mixer pay for itself; beef cow-calf operation

October 27, 2020
A cost-benefit analysis for adopting the use of a vertical TMR mixer on a moderately sized cow-calf operation has two segments: (1) decreased feed wastage and (2) increased animal performance.
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