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Boost Farm Yields with Jaylor's TMR Mixers. Build, Configure & Price Your Mixer!


Jaylor Mini TMR Mixers have proven themselves ideal for a wide range of applications, including feeding smaller dairies when starting out, and specialty groups such as weaned calves, dry cows, maternity pens, and fresh cows on larger dairies. Our Mini TMR mixers are especially great for supplemental feeding of beef cows during calving.

Jaylor products always keep farmers in mind, ensuring customers receive only the highest of industry standards and integrity.

Price your Jaylor Mini Mixer below and get your quote today!


Mini Yet Mighty for True TMR

Elevate your herd’s productivity with Jaylor’s mini TMR mixers, offering precise feeding solutions. Build your mixer & get a quote today. Financing available.

Jaylor 5050 Self Propelled Mini-Mixer

The Jaylor 5050 Mini TMR Mixers are the perfect feed mixer for your small to medium-sized herd operations.

  • 13HP Honda Gas Engine w/ Electric Start
  • Manual Door w/ Discharge Chute
  • Sloped Top Square Cut Auger
  • Dedicated Pumps for Auger and Wheel Drive
  • Zero Degree Turning Capability
5050 Stationary Mini mixer
5100 Stationary Mini Mixer 3/4 view

Jaylor 5100 Stationary Mini-Mixer

The 5100 Stationary Mixer provides added versatility for both small herd operators and special diet needs on large herd operations. True TMR in a small package is finally possible.

  • Two 10HP Single Phase Motors 230VAC
  • 5-Position Adjustable Manual Door with Chute
  • Stainless-steel Angling Blades
  • Powerful 500cc Hydraulic Auger Motor
  • 4-Point Weigh System with Stad04 Indicator

Benefits of Our Mini TMR Mixers

5050 Stationary Mini mixer

Tailor Your Mixer

Explore our versatile Mini Mixer fleet and customize your machine to perfectly suit your farming needs.

TMR Mixer

Unmatched Detail

Dive into the innovations of our Mini Mixer models online, where you can inspect every feature and specification before making your decision.

Jaylor Mini Mixer in action

Personalized Solutions

With customizable options, find the Mini Mixer that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.


Less Feed Wastage

Designed for minimal feed wastage, our mixers ensure that your livestock get the most out of every feed

David deKleer

With our Jaylor Feed Cart Mixer, I like how I know what I’m feeding with the scale. Before, it was a guessing game. Now, I get a consistent mix and measurements.

David deKleerdeKleer Farm, David deKleer

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