Dr. Alan S. Vaage

Who is Janet Kleinschmidt?


Dr. Alan S. Vaage has been a Ruminant Nutritionist since 1995. With a Ph.D. specialization in ruminant digestive physiology, rumen function, and forage utilization, Dr Vaage has worked extensively with both beef and dairy producers. He is recognized as an expert in both dairy and beef nutrition, and especially with regard to rumen function.

From 1992 through 1994, Dr. Vaage held the position of Post-Doctoral Fellow and Contract Research Scientist, Beef Nutrition, with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Melfort Research Station, Melfort Saskatchewan. He has held senior positions held at various organizations including the Canadian Feed Industry and at Feed-Rite (a Division of Ridley Inc.). As Senior Ruminant Nutritionist for Ridley, Dr. Vaage was responsible for regional dairy nutrition and the Feed-Rite Beef Program, based out of Lacombe, Alberta.

Throughout his career, Dr. Vaage has contributed to a number of scientific and industry based committees and organizational groups devoted to enhancing the transfer of technical and scientific information and services to the agri-food industry.

As part of the Jaylor team, Dr. Alan S. Vaage is here to help answer any questions you may have, ensuring you’re using your Jaylor mixer in ways that will optimize the quality of your feed. Improving your feed is what will affect your profit margins most because only healthy cows can produce high quality beef and milk.

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Janet's 30-year record speaks for itself. A leading global animal nutritionist, Janet has consulted dairy herd producers in Canada, USA and Europe. She has taught dairy nutrition and herd management programs to industry personnel and dairy herd producers. She is a popular keynote speaker at many industry events in North America.

Now Janet is here leading The Jaylor Nutrition Team! Watch Janet share her wisdom right here online at Jaylor Video and read her updated advice in our nutrition section. With every new Jaylor mixer purchase comes a direct dialogue with Janet or a team member. Ask the team any questions you need answered, and guarantee you're optimizing your Jaylor mixer's nutritional output.

Janet and our Jaylor nutritionists aren't trying to replace your nutritionist. They're just here to add some extra support when you need it most. We're starting a dairy herd nutrition partnership!

They're always here to help guide you through tutorials, one on one consultations and real-time streaming questions on Twitter, Facebook, Animal Agnet and Proudtodairy.com. Let's exchange ideas because it's nutrition that matters most.

Sharing ideas with you and your nutritionist is how we get you the best nutrition solutions and highest yield out of your mix.