Jaylor is well known for producing a high quality, durable feed mixer. Over the years we have designed and patented a number of exclusive features that build on our established reputation for durability and efficient operation.


Mix Viewing Window (Patented)
Square Cut Auger (Patented)
Alexander and Vertical Knife (Patented)
Discharge Conveyor (Patents Pending)
Frame Warranty
Dinamica Generale Scale System
DG Weigh Bars
DG Indicators-Software
Agri NIR Analyzer


Built into the side of the drum, the Mix Viewing Window permits the operator to view the ration at eye level during the mixing process. The operator can easily and safely view the mix, while the auger is in operation.




With its unique sloped top and slide plate technology, Jaylor’s innovative and patented ‘Square cut’ auger produces a quality mix faster and cleaner. Its improved cutting action means less pressure on the mix and improved feed ration for your animals. Less friction results in reduced power consumption, which translates to lower operating costs for you.




Jaylor’s patented Alexander and Vertical Knives, made with Tungsten carbide coated steel, work in conjunction with our standard knives to: improve processing time, aid in eliminating bridging, and to cut through tough forages easily without bruising.





The discharge conveyor is fabricated from galvanized steel and HDP plastic to reduce acidic corrosion. The plastic floor and shields reduce noise and are UV and weather resistant. Several conveyor options are available: extensions, dual directions, and magnets.




Frame Warranty

Through innovative design and lightweight modular construction, our frames offer superior strength and durability. Ruggedly field-tested for reliability, the frames incorporate C channel rails for strength and rigidity. Jaylor offers a five year warranty against frame failure at no additional charge.



All Jaylor models come equipped with a Dinamica Generale scale system. Calibrated in pounds or kilograms, the DG scale system is programmed to be compatible with your current feed system. The DG scale system helps determine ingredient quantities required to create precise recipes, and your desired ration.




All Jaylor mixers are equipped with three DG weigh bars, which are compatible with Weigh-Tronix and Digistar scale indicators.

Renowned for their reliability and accuracy, they’re constructed to withstand the rigorous demands of farm usage. To ensure their durability, DG Weigh Bars are constructed under regulated pressure-control, temperature, and humidity. Made from high quality alloy steel, the double sealed electronic strain gauge is sealed with a medically-developed sealing agent and industrial potting grade compound. Together they reinforce durability under hard agricultural usage. PTE sheathed cables provide maximum protection against moisture and heat, they’re guaranteed to operate in conditions ranging from -58 and +149 Fahrenheit. All models are traced, pre-calibrated and tested individually for complete accuracy. That’s why DG weigh bars come with a four year warranty, a guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.



DG Scale Indicators come in four models, all based on the unit STADO4 features.

As with most models, the Stad04 has large LED readouts that are clearly visible at a distance and have a simple navigation on the search menu. The readouts can be set for pounds or kilograms and are Complete with a Total/Partial and Net/Gross working mode, the internal alarm system informs you when the mixer is reaching its target weight. A block key feature allows you to freeze the displayed weight while driving your mixer. An overload control provides security for the machine. WINET wireless interface allows you connection with all your wireless accessories.

The Stad04 PLUS 2 has all the same Stad04 features. With the added features of: editing the name of components, unloading points, and loading programs. Set Programs by either the total weight of your herd or numbers of cows.

The WIN Scale2 offers DTM software capability and has a 22 language capability, and a mixer timer control at the end of each load to ensure optimum TMR. The Win Scale2 comes with 99 loading programs and 12 unloading programs.

The Top Scale offers all the features of the Stad/WIN models and is compatible with Feeding Management Software DTM. The Top Scale comes with 99 loading programs and 48 unloading programs. It is possible for the operator to adjust the recipe by a percentage of the total weight, by weight per cow, by total number of cows or by total weight. The real TMR weight can be set before unloading your ingredients, permitting an automatic redistribution of the weight for each pen in order to avoid waste.

AGRI NIR Analyzer

Jaylor is proud to introduce the AgriNIR™. It is a portable NIR analyzer for forages and grains that quantifies the percentage of Humidity or Moisture (dry matter), Starch, Crude Protein, ADF, NDF, Ash and Crude Fat of the plant material being analyzed in seconds.

Imagine being able to sample your ration ingredients right on your farm without operational cost for sampling, or sample preparation.The AgriNIR comes preloaded with 7 crop family calibration curves. It has a built in printer, and offers USB connection to PC. It comes in a rugged carrying case, so whether you are looking for your own farm, or as a tool to better service your customers, the AgriNIR solves the delays and hassles of lab results. This same technology can also be used in the DG precision FEEDING system which is comprised of three basic components those being the DTM Feed Management Software, the DG Scale Indicators and finally the NIR Analyzer. The NIR ( Near Infra Red) analyzer fits in the bucket of the front end loader. Here is how it works. First the feed ingredients have a set target value for each parameter which is entered into the DTM software. Next the input ingredients data will be transferred to the DG scale indicator on the mixer either remotely or by memory card. As the bucket is loaded the NIR analyzer will automatically determine, moisture content, protein, starch, ash and fibre of each ingredient. The analysis takes only 30 seconds and its done on the go as the operator continues working. As each bucket load may vary in component parameters the analyzer automatically makes the adjustment for any variances so that the integrity of the original recipe is maintained throughout the entire feeding process. The results of the analysis will be displayed on the Top Scale indicator. During the loading, the data is saved and returned to the office PC either remotely or by memory card. The DTM generates detailed statistical reports which can determine material and labour costs as well as nutritional performance.